Finance Pro: Harvey Put ‘Exclamation Point’ on Changing Oil and Gas Scene

 by  Matthew V. Veazey | Rigzone Staff |Thursday, October 26, 2017 Rigzone asks energy finance pros about potential post-hurricane oil and gas investment. Hurricane Harvey left a path of destruction along much of Texas’ Gulf Coast region. For many homeowners, businesses and others, the process of recovering from wind damage and extensive flooding will be a long-term proposition. The storm also affected oil and gas infrastructure in the region, but the recovery on that front appears to have been much less prolonged. For a closer look at the storm’s impact on the Texas Gulf…READ MORE >

CAREER SPOTLIGHT: The Path to Success as an Investment Banker

Scott Webb, Senior Managing Director How has your career progressed during your time at CMA? How long have you been here? I’ve been with CMA now for over 10 years. I started as an analyst and am now a Senior Managing Director and co-head of the investment banking restructuring practice. I have a unique perspective, having spent the majority of my career at CMA and being part of the firm’s evolution. Looking back on the growth and successes we have achieved is very rewarding. What originally drew you to a career in investment…READ MORE >

Complex Solutions to Complex Deals

Q&A with Partner Evan Tomaskovic In your view, how are these unconventional, quirky deals different from plain vanilla transactions, and are they characteristic of the lower mid-market? One of the main differences we tend to experience on a Carl Marks Advisors Investment Banking (IB) engagement are complexities or hurdles that are unique to each transaction. Often, these are first-time scenarios the deal team faces.  Needless to say, these situations require intense commitment by all parties involved and extensive problem-solving skills to get to a closing. The complex and unique nature of these deals…READ MORE >

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: An Oil and Gas Industry in ‘Purgatory’

  Industry expert Brian Williams of Carl Marks Advisors describes the uncertain climate for energy companies and M&A KATHRYN MULLIGAN | SEPTEMBER 18, 2017 Leading up to late 2014, a barrel of oil typically cost $90 to $100. Flash forward to today, and prices are half that, leaving the oil and gas industry struggling. Catastrophic events have bruised the industry further; most recently, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, a hub for many energy companies. Meanwhile, geopolitical turbulence in Venezuela cut off a supply of oil for many U.S. refiners. MMG spoke with Brian…READ MORE >

Hurricane Harvey’s Impact on Energy Emerges as Rain Continues

  Industry expert Brian Williams of Carl Marks Advisors speaks with MMG from Houston MMG | AUGUST 29, 2017 Hurricane Harvey made landfall near Corpus Christi, Texas, Friday night. The storm has caused deaths and property damage as rainfall and flooding continues. Its economic effects will likely be wide ranging, particularly for the state’s large oil and gas industry. To understand how the energy sector is responding to the severe weather event, MMG spoke to Brian Williams with investment bank Carl Marks Advisors. Williams has decades of experience in the energy sector and was recently named a…READ MORE >