CAREER SPOTLIGHT: Insights from Doug Booth

We recently had the pleasure of interrupting the newly-retired Doug Booth to capture his insights on what makes Carl Marks Advisors unique and what he enjoyed most about his work as a Partner while at the firm.   Q: Restructuring is not always an obvious career path. How did your background play into your career? A: Restructuring certainly was not a core curriculum in any business program when I attended university. However, studying philosophy and mathematics taught me two different approaches to problem-solving – one narrative, and one numerical. Both were translatable skills…READ MORE >


As Q1 2017 comes to a close, it remains to be seen what impact the new administration (and related changes to regulations and other potential initiatives) will have on the business community, including the many smaller and family-owned businesses that make up the fabric of the US business landscape. Is this a time to revisit strategic decisions around scaling businesses, including investing in new technology? And how might new regulations impact the industries they operate in? Carl Marks Advisors has decades of experience advising private, mid-sized and family-owned businesses on solutions for future growth…READ MORE >

Are oilfield service companies growing fast enough to justify valuations?

Industry Snapshot With Brian Williams, Managing Director – Carl  Marks Advisors  Q:  How do you explain the large valuation gap between public and private oilfield services companies? A: As the price of oil increased and stabilized in the $50 to $55 per barrel range, public equity investors were keen to find ways to get exposure to increasing oilfield activity that was likely to ensue.  Several public IPOs and private 144a equity offerings were consummated in late 2016 and early 2017 to take advantage of growing investor appetite and valuation multiples in the 7x…READ MORE >

What is fueling grocery consolidation?

    AUTHOR:  Keith Loria January 3, 2017 When news hit last month that Albertsons Cos. is in advanced talks to acquire Price Chopper for approximately $1 billion — which would cement its status as the No. 2 grocer behind Kroger Co. — it wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone following the grocery industry. After all, consolidation has been the name of the game in grocery for the better part of two years. Kroger recently acquired Roundy’s and is rumored to be buying hundreds of Walgreens stores in the next month; Albertsons merged with Safeway…READ MORE >

A Road Map to Recovery

By Joseph R. D'Angelo December 21, 2016   Even though for-profit colleges may be poised to benefit under the Trump administration, they should not take a business-as-usual approach to their operations, argues Joseph R. D’Angelo. In this year’s presidential election, Trump University brought for-profit colleges into focus, but it should hardly be considered representative of the promise that lies within postsecondary education. To the contrary, for-profit institutions can, in fact, play a valuable role in furthering knowledge and career prospects for a large group of nontraditional students, including military veterans, working adults, single parents…READ MORE >