Brock Hudson, Managing Director at Carl Marks Advisors, shares his views on the impact AI may have on the future of the tech-forward oil & gas industry. Current Adoption of AI One key fact facing the oil and gas industry is that the sector is generating data at a quicker pace than the human mind can meaningfully characterize, catalog, and understand, and that pace is accelerating.  The challenge is how can all of this data be assimilated and used? According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), large oil companies generate 1.5 petabytes (1015…READ MORE >

Recipe for failure: The 5 mistakes global retailers make when entering the U.S.

AUTHOR Keith Daniel March 8, 2018 1. Overconfidence New market entrants can become victims of their own hype, anticipating a successful, easy launch of their “well-known” brand in new territories.  Brands such as Aldi, which entered the U.S. market over three decades ago, have done it right and as a result enjoy lasting success and strong name recognition. Oftentimes, however, brands expect to succeed by simply replicating what’s worked in their home market, ignoring what makes the U.S. market unique.  Plenty of examples illustrate that it takes time to build brand recognition in…READ MORE >


Steven Agran, Managing Director at Carl Marks Advisors, shares his outlook on the turnaround industry as the newly appointed NJTMA President. How valuable has your involvement with TMA been for your career over the past 15 years? I first joined NJTMA to meet people in the industry, hone my networking skills and learn more about the nuance of turnaround. However, as I became more involved, I also became a more active member of the organization, holding roles such as TMA Mid-Atlantic Symposium co-chair, Treasurer of NJTMA, and Global TMA Board Member. Each and every…READ MORE >

U.S. mid-market lenders concerned about leverage, loan docs: report

Leela Parker Deo  Lenders to U.S. mid-sized businesses are increasingly concerned about the higher levels of debt held by middle market companies versus a year ago, as well as what they consider to be less restrictive leveraged loan documents, a survey by Carl Marks Advisors found. Higher leverage levels and borrower-friendly loan agreements, the result of highly competitive market conditions last year that pushed lenders to make such concessions, could impact loan portfolios if business performance comes under pressure. Carl Marks Advisors, a mid-market focused corporate restructuring and investment banking firm, conducted the…READ MORE >


Over the past twelve months, we’ve experienced significant growth at Carl Marks Advisors. Not only did the firm welcome new faces at nearly every level, but we also were able to recognize several of our team members with hard-earned promotions. Hires We welcomed Don Sheehan, a senior banking executive with deep expertise focused on commercial loan workouts, to our team as Managing Director. Don brings a unique perspective to Carl Marks Advisors with prior roles at Bank of America, Fleet Bank, Shawmut and Bank of New England. Our restructuring team welcomed Steven Agran…READ MORE >