U.S. syndicated lending surged before Brexit, election volatility

    Markets | Thu Jun 30, 2016  NEW YORK | BY LYNN ADLER Budding optimism about the U.S. economy, rising oil prices and a brief lull in volatility spurred companies to lock in low interest rates in the second quarter, driving U.S. syndicated lending up 55 percent from a four-year low the prior quarter. The $904.7 billion of loans issued in the first half was nonetheless about 6 percent below the same period last year, according to Thomson Reuters LPC. While lending gained momentum, the rest of the year is clouded by…READ MORE >

Private Equity Expected to Play Key Role in Oil and Gas Recovery

    By Brock Hudson Most industry analysts agree that the global oil supply and demand equation is reaching parity and that commodity prices are past their inflection point. To support a recovery of the distressed oil and gas industry, investment dollars are pouring into the space in hopes of “buying low.” While the anticipation of increasing commodity prices is a poor basis for an investment thesis, it can provide significant tail wind, in conjunction with further asset development and a well-timed exit, in delivering attractive private-equity returns. According to industry reports, there…READ MORE >

For-profit Education: 5 Steps to Improvement

For-profits educational institutions are under increased scrutiny as stiff regulation, declining enrollments, limited capital and poor post-graduation performance have overshadowed the benefits offered by the for-profit segment for America’s nontraditional students. School operators of today’s for-profit colleges are faced with a depressing fact: enrollment peaked in 2010, and isn’t expected to rebound any time soon. Most postsecondary colleges in the education segment rely on government funding and revenue from student tuition, whereas nontraditional pupils rely heavily on Pell Grants and Title IV financial aid to support their postsecondary education. However, against the backdrop…READ MORE >

Judge Sets August Auction for Abengoa US Ethanol Plants

By Jacqueline Palank Bankruptcy & Debt - Dow Jones A bankruptcy judge cleared the way for the speedy sale of Spanish renewable energy firm Abengoa SA's U.S. ethanol plants, which have already garnered $350 million worth of bids. Judge Kathy A. Surratt-States of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in St. Louis Wednesday authorized Abengoa Bioenergy US Holding LLC to hold an Aug. 22 auction for its Midwestern ethanol plants, which company advisers expect to be competitive. Abengoa investment banker Christopher Wu, a partner with Carl Marks Advisors, told The Wall Street Journal that "a…READ MORE >


By Kathleen Furore On June 10, 2015, natural and organic grocer Whole Foods Market introduced the official name for the newest member of its family. The name, 365 by Whole Foods Market, "celebrates our belief that fresh healthy foods can be readily available to more people in an affordable way every day…365 days a year," Jeff Turnas, president of the new unit, wrote that day on Whole Story, the retailer's blog. "It also tips our hat to our popular 365 Everyday Value brand, which our shoppers seek out for quality, transparency and great value—the…READ MORE >