Companies within the retail sector continue to evolve their business models to align with the industry-wide shift away from brick and mortar stores toward online storefronts. Many retailers are outsourcing manufacturing and production processes, by utilizing third parties or building their own factories outside of the U.S. The “Amazon Effect” has increased pricing visibility and compressed margins for retailers across the board. Both in store and online, retail companies are feeling pressure to integrate additional payment options to account for an increase in mobile purchasing, and to provide more security.

Less in store foot traffic has led retailers to refocus advertising and marketing strategies to prioritize reaching online audiences. We expect that strong, traditional brand names will persevere and successfully expand to online platforms and that loyal customer bases will continue to buy preferred products and brands during the transition. We anticipate retailers will put significant resources against implementing online and offline solutions that better enable mobile purchasing and provide customized shopping experiences.

The team of investment banking and restructuring professionals at Carl Marks Advisors has deep experience working with companies in the retail industry. As owners, managers, financial advisors, and capital providers, Carl Marks Advisors brings the necessary hands-on experience to successfully structure and complete the right transactions for our clients.

Our work with retail clients often includes:

  • Debtor or lender advisory: Carl Marks Advisors is well qualified to assist companies and/or its constituents in developing, presenting, and forming consensus around restructuring plans that create value out of unsustainable situations.
  • Sellside M&A banker: We specialize in streamlining M&A processes and maximizing value through our differentiated approach to uncovering specialized buyers, discovering optimal market prices and terms, and ensuring successful closes.
  • Advisor to unsecured creditors committee: Our team of advisors provides both transactional investment banking expertise and financial advisory skills. This is a unique combination that creates effective solutions for unsecured creditors committees.
  • Interim management:  Our team can step in to fill senior management positions in times of operational instability with seasoned CEO, COO, and CFO professionals, and provide support to management to augment their capabilities.
  • Leveraging strong relationships: Our extensive experience with consumer product and apparel retail brands enables us to leverage our reputation and longstanding relationships in the industry on behalf of our clients to ensure successful outcomes.