Our team works with Senior Management to identify causes of operational underperformance and develop a strategic plan to achieve improvement.

At Carl Marks Advisors, we identify the main drivers of inefficiency by aligning costs with lower revenue, identify liquidity opportunities, dispose of non-core assets and identify gaps in the management structure.

Interim Management
Our seasoned professionals are often called on to fill senior management positions in times of operational instability.  Our team has significant CEO, COO and CFO experience as well as providing support to management to augment their capabilities. 

Growth and Cost Initiatives
Frequently, existing management is distracted with day-to-day operational requirements and fail to identify higher level strategic and financial opportunities to improve profitability.  The teams at Carl Marks Advisors identify prospective revenue enhancements and supplement management to implement improvements and cost cutting measures.  In addition to common margin enhancements, our team will review and rationalize SG&A and individual business unit profitability.

Liquidity and Cash Planning and Control Analysis
Liquidity is the most important area of focus in a distressed situation and we guide management to improve liquidity in such situations.   We are experienced at improving all areas of the cash conversion cycle including collections, vendor payment terms and identifying short term expense cuts.  We also assist management in implementing changes and negotiating with lenders and other creditors to achieve near term concessions.

Operations and Organizational Alignment
Companies experiencing revenue compression often require a rationalization of staff and realignment of responsibilities.  Frequently we encounter inefficient organizational and reporting structures in management, sales and marketing and operations.  Carl Marks Advisors has considerable experience recommending operational and organizational improvements and assist companies to streamline intelligently.