Whether dealing with a market disruption, changing competitive pressures, or looking for new growth opportunities, the seasoned operational and financial professionals at Carl Marks Advisors have the experience and knowledge to help our clients increase their bottom line.

We pride ourselves on achieving meaningful and lasting improvements to the financial performance for each and every company we work with either by acting as an advisor or an interim executive to add value through a number of core focuses.

Strategic Planning
Utilizing our years of industry experience we work with clients in the development, communication and implementation of a strategic plan.We assess current performance and operations, investigate alternatives and evaluate business risks to create a go-forward strategy with tactical implementation plans.

Revenue Enhancement
Carl Marks Advisors helps companies to better understand their top-line performance.Beyond identifying risks and spotting opportunities for growth, we develop customer, channel, and product strategies and help align marketing programs to become results oriented.

Margin Management
Through analysis and business experience, we help clients better understand their existing sales margin by successful optimizing sales mix to maximize profitability or capturing opportunities to deploy pricing leverage, SKU rationalization and cost engineering.

Cost Reduction Initiatives
In order to compete in today’s global economy, companies need to be vigilant in managing costs.We help management assess their existing cost structure, identify potential fixed and variable reductions and implement changes to achieve savings.

Liquidity Improvements
Our experience at Carl Marks Advisors has taught us how to improve working capital management to generate significant additional liquidity.  By tightening the cash conversion cycle and establishing a detailed inventory policy we invariably reduce working capital investment freeing up cash.

Because of our heritage as a family-owned business and as a firm comprised of former business owners and executives, we bring an owner-investor mentality to our work which aligns us with our clients. Rather than providing academic improvement strategies, Carl Marks Advisors provide concrete, action oriented solutions to drive profitability and enterprise value.