Grocery Industry Braces for Impact from Tariffs

By: Keith Daniels The series of tariffs imposed by the Trump administration is turning into a mixed bag for grocery-store chains. The tariffs are putting grocery stores in a tough spot because some of their vendors are experiencing higher costs as a result of the tariffs and they may be attempting to pass the cost increases on to grocery chains to maintain profitability. How things pan out depend on a few variables. Tariffs on steel and aluminum imposed on imports from Canada, Mexico and Europe, for instance, have led to double-digit price increases…READ MORE >


Jeffrey Pielusko discusses the skills he has acquired over the four years he has worked at Carl Marks Advisors and what attracted him to the firm after leaving a large financial institution. What originally drew you to a career in restructuring and investment banking?  I was drawn to a career in restructuring/investment banking because it gave me the opportunity to help businesses work through turbulent situations and emerge stronger. I enjoy helping companies create and implement strategies that enable them to grow and thrive. Because I engage in a variety of unique and…READ MORE >


Joseph D’Angelo, Partner, expands on the recent findings of a Moody’s study that predicts the post-secondary education sector will experience continued stress, resulting in more closures. A recent Moody’s study predicts that sustained stress in post-secondary education will drive more private colleges to alter business models or close. As revenues and enrollments continue to decline and cash flow pressures mount, we expect additional schools to face challenging decisions. Over the past few years, and over the course of multiple engagements, Carl Marks Advisors has seen schools struggle with decisions to make changes, especially…READ MORE >

Why Consolidation is Gripping the Grocery Industry

Keith Daniels, Partner, shared his insights with Middle Market Growth on how pressure on cost and logistics, increasing competition, and advances in technology are driving consolidation in the grocery industry. The last few years have been difficult for grocery store chains. The industry has been through a great deal of distress and consolidation, and industry observers expect to see more of the same in the months and years ahead. There are several trends driving the market shift, including pressure on cost and logistics, increasing competition, lack of liquidity needed to keep stores attractive…READ MORE >


Warren Feder, Partner, discusses how Carl Marks Advisors recently helped Genie, an early stage food tech company, raise $10 million in equity growth capital. Carl Marks Securities has just successfully raised over $10 million of equity growth capital for an early stage Israeli food tech company, Genie Enterprises.  Isn’t this unusual for you and for Carl Marks Advisors? It certainly is. While we are a FINRA registered broker-dealer and frequently raise debt and equity capital, we generally do this for more established businesses with a history of revenue and profits. So why the…READ MORE >