Why Consolidation is Gripping the Grocery Industry

Keith Daniels, Partner, shared his insights with Middle Market Growth on how pressure on cost and logistics, increasing competition, and advances in technology are driving consolidation in the grocery industry. The last few years have been difficult for grocery store chains. The industry has been through a great deal of distress and consolidation, and industry observers expect to see more of the same in the months and years ahead. There are several trends driving the market shift, including pressure on cost and logistics, increasing competition, lack of liquidity needed to keep stores attractive…READ MORE >


Mark Claster, Partner of Carl Marks Advisors, shares some of his thoughts on how healthcare services will continue to change, and areas that will see change.  Mr. Claster is the chairman of the Board of Trustees of Northwell Health (previously known as the North Shore-LIJ Health System). He also serves on the executive committee of Lenox Hill Hospital and Staten Island University Hospital, among other responsibilities. Q: Has anything surprised you about the rise in nontraditional healthcare service providers – and the shift toward providing more specialized care outside the hospital? Years ago,…READ MORE >


David Endo, Director, shares how his experiences at Carl Marks Advisors have expanded his skills, why he enjoys working in a variety of sectors and what he’s looking forward to this year. How has your investment banking career progressed during your time at Carl Marks Advisors? Carl Marks Advisors provided me an opportunity and platform to take on more responsibility at every stage of my career, which I’ve been able to leverage all through to my current position as a Director. I joined Carl Marks Advisors in June 2011 and since then, have…READ MORE >


Brock Hudson, Managing Director at Carl Marks Advisors, shares his views on the impact AI may have on the future of the tech-forward oil & gas industry. Current Adoption of AI One key fact facing the oil and gas industry is that the sector is generating data at a quicker pace than the human mind can meaningfully characterize, catalog, and understand, and that pace is accelerating.  The challenge is how can all of this data be assimilated and used? According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), large oil companies generate 1.5 petabytes (1015…READ MORE >

Recipe for failure: The 5 mistakes global retailers make when entering the U.S.

AUTHOR Keith Daniel March 8, 2018 1. Overconfidence New market entrants can become victims of their own hype, anticipating a successful, easy launch of their “well-known” brand in new territories.  Brands such as Aldi, which entered the U.S. market over three decades ago, have done it right and as a result enjoy lasting success and strong name recognition. Oftentimes, however, brands expect to succeed by simply replicating what’s worked in their home market, ignoring what makes the U.S. market unique.  Plenty of examples illustrate that it takes time to build brand recognition in…READ MORE >