Why Consolidation is Gripping the Grocery Industry

Keith Daniels, Partner, shared his insights with Middle Market Growth on how pressure on cost and logistics, increasing competition, and advances in technology are driving consolidation in the grocery industry. The last few years have been difficult for grocery store chains. The industry has been through a great deal of distress and consolidation, and industry observers expect to see more of the same in the months and years ahead. There are several trends driving the market shift, including pressure on cost and logistics, increasing competition, lack of liquidity needed to keep stores attractive…READ MORE >


Warren Feder, Partner, discusses how Carl Marks Advisors recently helped Genie, an early stage food tech company, raise $10 million in equity growth capital. Carl Marks Securities has just successfully raised over $10 million of equity growth capital for an early stage Israeli food tech company, Genie Enterprises.  Isn’t this unusual for you and for Carl Marks Advisors? It certainly is. While we are a FINRA registered broker-dealer and frequently raise debt and equity capital, we generally do this for more established businesses with a history of revenue and profits. So why the…READ MORE >


Marc Pfefferle, Partner, shares how he began his career at Carl Marks Advisors nearly 25 years ago. Did you ever envision this career trajectory when you were studying Engineering at Lehigh University? How did you find your way to restructuring? In college, I could not have imagined having a career at Carl Marks Advisors. I worked for a strategic consulting firm on a distressed private equity deal in which Carl Marks was an investor. I had a lot of fun on that deal, so when they started the consulting group, I joined in…READ MORE >

Online Delivery: The Latest Battleground in Competitive Grocery

  Author: Keith Daniels, Partner Carl Marks Advisors The last few years have been difficult for the brick and mortar retail business, including groceries. Deflation and competition by new international competitors and nontraditional grocery retailers have been driving down margins, causing further reduction in capital available for investment to meet changing consumer preferences for such things as prepared foods and technology-based delivery. It is hard to discuss what is going on with grocery today, as with almost any type of consumer product-oriented business, without Amazon becoming a topic of discussion. While online grocery…READ MORE >