Carl Marks Advisors is the corporate restructuring and investment banking arm of Carl Marks & Co. which was originally founded by the firm’s namesake, an entrepreneurial trader who left a larger Wall Street firm in 1925 to form the first foreign securities broker dealer in the United States. Over the next sixty years, Carl Marks & Co became a leading market maker of foreign securities and was widely regarded for its family-based culture, trustworthiness, and high ethical standards.

Since its founding, Carl Marks & Co. has evolved into a diversified merchant bank by continuously sponsoring new financial services businesses. While the firm has evolved over the last 90 years, Carl Marks continues to foster a unique partnership culture that values the individual and their families, in turn promoting an entrepreneurial attitude, independence, and high integrity.

Today, Carl Marks Advisors remains true to this heritage, with a culture adaptive to innovation in these ever changing business cycles, a common sense approach to solving critical issues, and a commitment to transactional excellence and providing conflict-free, independent advice.

  • 1925: Carl Marks leaves Wall Street and forms the first foreign securities broker dealer in the United States
  • 1963: Carl Marks & Co. establishes its principal investment business, forming a Small Business Investment Corporation that takes equity positions in over 200 businesses.
  • 1975: The firm begins utilizing “bootstrap” financing techniques to make investments, and is among the earliest pioneers of leveraged buyouts, acting as the financial sponsor of numerous private equity deals.
  • 1983: Carl Marks Realty Services is launched to invest in underperforming and distressed real estate.
  • 1987: Carl Marks Strategic Investments, which later became part of Carl Marks Management Company, is formed to invest in underperforming companies.
  • 1988: The firm exits the trading business by merging its trading operations with U.K.-based Smith New Court PLC which is later acquired by Merrill Lynch in 1995.
  • 1991: After retaining consulting professionals to successfully restructure one of its own troubled investments, the firm launches a group to provide corporate restructuring services to the broader marketplace.
  • 2001: The company expands to provide investment banking and broker-dealer services and was renamed Carl Marks Advisors, offering corporate restructuring and investment banking platforms.
  • 2007: Carl Marks & Co. becomes a partner in Capital Counsel, an institutional and private asset management firm with over $2.4 billion in assets under management.